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Middle School Music

The Middle School Music curriculum explores four major experiences:  Singing; Playing Instruments; Reading and Writing Music Notation; and Learning with Technology. 

Students are introduced to singing technique in fifth grade and build off previous knowledge and singing experiences in the Lower School.  The students begin to learn repertoire in two-part choral singing and expend to three or four-part harmony by Eighth Grade.  Students work to improve their vocal technique and demonstrate control of breath, volume, and tone production.

Instrumental Performance
Middle School students have access to a full Orff-Schulwerk instrument collection, including drums from around the world, three octaves of hand bells, and a number of folk instruments.  Students perform alone and with the class, and demonstrate independence in executing their individual part.  The expectation is that students will perform simple single note melodies at all dynamic levels.

Music Notation (Reading and Writing)
Every grade is introduced to the music staff and the varieties of note values, rhythms, and terminology.  By eighth grade, students demonstrate the ability to read and write music notation on treble and bass clefs, identify symbols and traditional terms referring to dynamics, tempo, and articulation, and interpret these symbols correctly when performing.  Students demonstrate music literacy by playing the various instruments listed above. 

Learning with Technology
Students utilize the computer and other contemporary tools to prepare musical selections.  Students learn audio and video recording software for a variety of projects.  The overall expectation of the class is that students will demonstrate the use of music notation software, show a basic understanding of MIDI technology, and use digital audio workstations effectively to compose and record music.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Alan Wellman
Music Teacher
Catherine Cook School
(312) 266-3381 ext. 143


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