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Early Childhood

Music Curriculum


  • Preschool music starts in the home classroom, where students learn new and traditional songs. Each Preschool classroom is equipped with a set of musical instruments and a CD player.
  • Twice a week, students participate in twenty-minute music and movement classes that integrate songs, finger play, and movement activities. Students are introduced to basic concepts of voice projection and stage performance.

 Junior Kindergarten

  • In addition to classroom-based musical experiences, Junior Kindergarten students have two twenty-minute periods with a specialist music teacher each week. Music and movement are used to help students build an understanding of steady beat and rhythm and to increase abilities to mimic tone and pitch.
  • Students develop an understanding of melody through singing as a group and in solo, duet, and trio forms.
  • Dance and movement activities enhance musical and spatial awareness.
  • Students develop performance etiquette such as following teacher instruction, using correct vocal projection, and demonstrating proper stage presence. 

Senior Kindergarten

  • Continued exposure to a varied repertoire of traditional and familiar songs provides opportunities for development of pitch recognition and breath control.
  • Warm-up exercises for the voice, correct body alignment, voice projection, and dynamics are introduced.
  • Students develop an awareness of themselves as both creators and performers of music as they explore the world of songwriting, performing, and group singing.

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