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Donor Roll for the 2021 Paddle Raise: Thatcher Swanson Grant for Diversity and Inclusion

Thank you for supporting the Grant for Diversity and Inclusion!

Bhavan Suri and Bhavana Devulapally
Marta Delgado and Saumya Nandi

$10,000 - $19,999
Elizabeth and Chadd Bennett
Ben and Leah Rosemergy
Monica and Piyush Shukla
Heidi and Jim Suprenant

$7,500 - $9,999
Suzie Desai and Roger Liew
Michelle and Ryan Kilkenney
Matthew K. and Julie Simon

$5,000 - $7,499
Kate and Eoin Callery
Joshua Cohen and Carolyn Cochran Cohen
Kat and Adam Cordell
Lisa and Michael Cotton
David and Karen Dahlquist
Meg and Karl Frey
Brandy and Zachary Grabinski
Dave and Melissa Laurenson
Erika and Jon Maschmeyer
Monique and Julian Perlmutter
Jennifer and Matthew Rice
Julia and David Vermylen

$2,500 - $4,999
Matthew and Skye Anderson
Anthony Bigornia and Lisa Young
Flavio Arana and Matt Kippenhan
Zachary and Alexis Cogswell
Tim and Taylor Cook
Steve and Rebecca Gerstung

The Kaeding Valentine Family
Chris and Pam Kallos
Jordan Kass and Stacia Garriott Kass
Chu-An and Anh Lee
Scott and Christe Lyons
Katie and Glenn McMillan
Linda and Dennis Myers
The Osborn Family
Laura and Sam Pollack
Michael and Daisie Siska
Geoffrey Smith and Catherine Stewart

$1,000 - $2,499
Chris and Maureen Bennett
Ellen Best and Greg Zrazik
Lori-Anne and Alan Brogdon
The Burns Family
Anthony and Cortney DiNello
Cassidy and Alexandra Dugan
Philip and Kimberly Edison
Kristen and Fred Flather
Ian and Stacy Fleming
Andrew and Alyssa Johnson
Jenny and Pat Kernan
Mark Koenig and Janeen Hayward
Kim and Max Kort
Kimberly and Scott Lorimer 
Ronald Mitchell and Eboni Gates
Kyle and Jackie Mowery
Sarah Murphy and Thomas McCaleb
Gina and Bill Ness 
Shelley and Wayne Norman

James Norton and Kathleen Sweitzer
Nilay and Sonal Parikh
Megan Poetzel and Derek Rank
Louis and Sarah Rassey
Matt and Megan Schrecengost
Don and Sandy Schwarz
Aaron Tantleff and Jill Sheiman
Dina and James Taylor
Jeffrey and Erika VanDam
James and Julianne Walsh
Andrew and Molly Watkins
The Parekh Family
Jason and Amy Williams
Keely and David Wise
Jacquelyn and Sean Zasche

$500 - $999
Anonymous (1)
Ron and Shelly Banks
Adam and Devon Beane

Sara M. Bradley and Jeffrey R. Grieb
Leah R. Bruno
Merri and David Chandler
Jennifer and Scott Christiansen
The Coffill Family
Chris and Michelle Delaney
Bill and Sonny DeMarco
Jill and James Due
Diane Faunda and Randy Dippell
Susan and Andrew Heglin
Sunni and John Kitson
Rachael and Aaron Leckow
Eric and Ilana Levin
April and Ramses Meijer
Christine and Mark Melendes
Jerry Orpen
Kevin Peterson and Stacy Shafer Peterson
Scott Simpson and Arti Raj
Jeffrey Ralson and Rebecca Rokos
Fran and David Schneider
Jill and Clay Spencer
Bonnie and Joseph Stanfield
Joanna and Michael Travalini
Harsha and Padma Varadhi
Brad and Megan Weiland

$250 - $499
Adamik and Guerrero-Macia Family
Anonymous (3)
Nosson Cohen
Robert and Mary Hyde
Marta Imbesi and Tolga Uz
Motoko Maegawa
Alicia Lisowski
Kellie and Grant Rice
Dana Stewart

$100 - $249                                        
Anonymous (3)
Ruth Barber
Erica Broder

Terri Carpenter
Daniel Fierro

Stephanie and David Free
Lauren and Alan Goldberg
Julie Jacobson
Noa Jemsek

Sawyer Jemsek
Jessica and Alex Ledesma
Gigi Olmstead
Chris Novak and Mary Ellen Pavone
Eddie Pryce

Malcolm and Mindy Scott

$1 - $99
Lindsay Bartlett and Patrick Pantelis
Maggie and Dylan Hale
Tony and Jacqueline Johnson
The Ness Grandparents