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Paddle Raise: Grant for Diversity and Inclusion Donor Roll

Thank you for supporting the Grant for Diversity and Inclusion.
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Bhavan Suri and Bhavana Devulapally

Heidi and Jim Suprenant
Marta Delgado and Saumya Nandi

Josef Guzowsky*
The Grabinski Family

Eoin and Kate Callery 
Umrai and Meghan Gill 

Flavio  Arana and Matthew Kippenhan
Suzie Desai and Roger Liew
Dali and Nicole Rajic
Matthew K. and Julie Simon

Josh and Megan Aling
Joshua and Carolyn Cohen
Meg and Karl Frey
Michelle and Ryan Kilkenney 
Linda and Dennis Myers

Laura and Sam Pollack
Kevin and Rita Powers
Ben and Leah Rosemergy
Yeming and Aaron Rankin
Ryan and Kelly Waters

Virgil and Shannon Abloh
Chadd and Elizabeth Bennett
David and Karen Dahlquist
Cortney and Anthony DiNello
Jeff Edmonds
Tom and Julie Fuller
Katie and Glenn McMillan 
The Norman Family
The Osborn Family
Karen Sobel*

Brandon and Stacy Ackley
Lori-Anne and Alan Brogdon 
Alexis and Zachary Cogswell
Stacia and Andrew Feinber
Chu-An and Anh Lee
Bridget and Josh Lohrius
Thomas Linguanti and Olivia Tyrrell
Erica and Dan Rosskamm
Michael and Daisie Siska

The Swanson Family

The Burns Family
Adam and Kathrin Cordell 
Nathan and Kami Davis
Philip and Kimberly Edison
Megan and Michael Hodes
Kristen and Fred Flather
Chris and Pam Kallos
Jordan Kass and Stacia Garriott Kass
Kim and Max Kort

Julie and David Levenstein 
John and Erika Maschmeyer
Marc and Melody McManus
Mark and Christine Melendes     
Don Mizerk and Andrew Thorrens
Gina and Bill Ness 
Monique and Julian Perlmutter
Stacy Shafer Peterson and Kevin Peterson       
Megan Poetzel and Derek Rank
Brad and Kelly Rainko
Jennifer and Matthew Rice
Sarah and Brian Rudich

Don and Sandy Schwarz
Jill Sheiman and Aaron Tantleff*
Jim Shields and Mia Sossei
Suzanne and Scott Strusiner
Margie Suprenant
James  Norton  and Kathleen Sweitzer

Adam and Devon Beane
Chris and Maureen Bennett
Ellen Best and Greg and Christopher Zrazik
Ruth Barber
Leah R. Bruno
Ryan and Jennifer Buckley
Crystal and Brent Consiglio*

Dominic and Emily Hood
Ian and Stacy Fleming
Jennifer Pelino and Daniel Herzberg 
Dr. Andrew and Alyssa Johnson
Kaeding Valentine Family
Eric and Ilana Levin
Kimberly and Scott Lorimer   
Lucile and Sebastian Michenaud                        
Kellie and Grant Rice*
Matt and Megan Schrecengost
Andrea and Paul Sill
Geoffrey Smith and Catherine Stewart
Julia and David Vermylen
Stephen and Amy Waldon
Alex and Benya Young
Shana Whitehead and Charles Parekh

Anne and  Andrew  Appel
Jeff and Heather Becker
Dr. Sara M. Bradley and Mr. Jeffrey R. Grieb
Cassidy and Alexandra Dugan 
Scott and Carrie Goodreau
Meredith and Joe Jemsek
Tim and Brandy Kemp
John and Sunni Kitson 
Nichole Panje
Bonnie Lai and Andy Simnick
Mike Kruse
Kevin and Anne Murphy*
Jerry Orpen
Christopher Novak and Mary Ellen Pavone 
Doug and Kristie Powell
Anne Russell and Kevin Freed
Geoffrey Smith and Catherine Stewart
Sarah Shanahan
Corrine Stutts and Kim France
Kymbria Young
Jacquelyn and Sean Zasche 
Lisa Zimmer

Jim Behrendt and Michael Janik
Erica Broder
Katherine Gilmore*
Eva Gonzalez and Kyle Hayes
Jason Krumwiede

Mary Margaret Kantner*
Emily and Andy Meyer
Lisa Weinstein and Andy Edwards

Daniel Fierro*
Elisa and Patrick Gall
Tony and Jacqueline Johnson

Nicholas and Cristina Pinto
The Mancari Family*
Christine Taylor
Jessica Wintermantle



*unrestricted donation