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Gifts and Pledges

Anagnost Society
Gifts of $20,000 to $29,999
Ryan and Casey Harris*
Ryan and Michelle Kilkenney*
Linda and Dennis Myers+
Bhavan Suri and Bhavana Devulapally*

Founder Society
Gifts of $10,000 to $14,999
Flavio Arana and Matthew Kippenhan*
Eoin and Kate Callery*
David and Karen Dahlquist*
Melissa and Adam Filkin*
Umrai and Meghan Gill*
Joe and Rachel Guzowski*
Megan and Michael Hodes*
Matthew and Mandy Hurst*
Michael and Ashley Joyce*
Julie Koca and Brian Kavanaugh*
Ross Kwasteniet and Kira Elert*
Suzie Desai and Roger Liew*
Marta Delgado and Sam Nandi*
The Norman Family*
Laura and Sam Pollack*
Wendy Roseth*
Don and Sandra Schwarz*

Trustee Society
Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Virgil and Shannon Abloh*
Josh and Megan Aling*
Chris and Maureen Bennett*
The Bett Family*
Philip and Eugenia Brides*
Lori-Anne Brogdon*
The Burns Family*
Joshua Cohen and Carolyn Cochran Cohen*
Paul Collier and Kristen Werries Collier*
Molly and Paul Drinan*
Philip and Kimberly Edison*
Lisa Weinstein and Andy Edwards*
Stacia and Andrew Feinberg*
Peter Fletcher and Lisa Martin*
Meg and Karl Frey*
Tom and Julie Fuller*
Glenn and Melissa Gettman*
The Grabinski Family*
Joyce and Judson Green^
Dominic and Emily Hood*
Dennis and Kelly Howe
Tim Joyce and Alanna Higgins Joyce*
Pam and Chris Kallos*
Stacia Garriott Kass and Jordan Kass*
Ellen and Nat Kellogg*
Pat and Jenny Kernan*
Mark and Christiane Ladd*
Dave and Melissa Laurenson*
Scott and Christe Lyons*
Jon and Erika Maschmeyer*
Marc and Melody McManus*
Katie and Glenn McMillan*
Sunil Mehta and Mansi Patel*
The Nice Family*
Amanda Todd and Billy Ogden*
The Osborn Family*
Monique and Julian Perlmutter*
Kevin and Rita Powers*
Brad and Kelly Rainko*
Dali and Nicole Rajic*
Megan Poetzel and Derek Rank*
Casey and Matt Ray*
Ben and Leah Rosemergy*
Sarah and Brian Rudich
Matt and Megan Schrecengost*
Matthew K. and Julie Simon*
Michael and Daisie Siska*
Suzanne and Scott Strusiner*
The Suprenant Family*
John and Steph Tipton*
In Honor of Eddie Pryce
Elizabeth and Jonathan Tunney*
Len Wanger
Ryan and Kelly Waters*
Brad and Megan Weiland*
Jeffrey and Carie Zappone*

Head of School Society
Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999
Anonymous (1)
Brandon and Stacy Ackley
Terri and Scott Baron*
Julie and Dan Baumeister*
Adam and Devon Beane*
Paul and Elisabeth Beerkens*
Jenny and Jerry Bekkerman*
Saurab and Anjani Bhargava*
Anthony Bigornia and Lisa Young*
Leah R. Bruno*
Ryan and Jennifer Buckley*
Jeff and Megan Chessare*
Courtney and Tyler Cowan*
John and Julie Crosson*
Nathan and Kami Davis*
Chris and Michelle Delaney*
Anusha and Harsha Dhasarathy*
Cortney and Anthony DiNello*
Randy Dippell and Diane Faunda*
Cassidy and Alexandra Dugan
Jessica Dunne and Brian Reshefsky*
Kristen and Fred Flather
Ian and Stacy Fleming*
Al and Susan Flosi*
The Focht Family*
Steve and Rebecca Gerstung*
Mark Gertzof and Deanna Beise*
Joshua and Irene Goldstein
Debrai Haile and Fikirte Wagaw*
Stuart and Shelly Hanfling^
Jennifer and Daniel Herzberg*
Marta Imbesi and Tolga Uz*
Shawn and Anna Kinder*
Mark Koenig and Janeen Hayward*
Kim and Max Kort*
Pratyasha Rath and Sudesh Kulkarni*
Chu-An and Anh Lee*
Kristin and Greg Leos*
Thomas Linguanti and Olivia Tyrrell*
Kimberly and Scott Lorimer*
John Marchese*
Andy and Antoniette Mechavich*
April and Ramses Meijer*
Chris and Michelle Meyer*
In Honor of Adelaide Meyer
Linda K. Mitchell^
The Mizerk Thorrens Family*
Frank and Mandi Nardella*
Bill and Gina Ness*
Paul Ngai and Tammy Choi*
James Norton and Kathleen Sweitzer*
Christopher Novak and Mary Ellen Pavone*
The Parekh Family*
Sandip and Seema Patel*
Matt and Maya Perone*
Michael and Shannon Piotrowski*
Steve and Judy Pomerantz*
Jeffrey Ralson and Rebecca Rokos*
Yeming and Aaron Rankin*
Jeff Rheeling and Allegra Weiner*
Jennifer and Matthew Rice*
Bill and Julia Ross*
Dan and Erica Rosskamm
Natalie and Joseph Sacchetti*
Renee and John Salomon*
Rachel and Rafael Santana*
Alex Sasieta and Kristine Suzuki 
Fran and David Schneider* 

Jim Shields and Mia Sossei*
Jill Sheiman and Aaron Tantleff*
Andrea and Paul Sill*
Geoffrey Smith and Catherine Stewart*
Mark and Michal Solovy
Rob and Myca Stahl*
Alessandra and Anthony Swanson*
James and Dina Taylor
Joanna and Mike Travalini*
Virginia Uriostegui and Jeffrey Aleman*
The Vujicic Family
Rachel Pernic Waldron*
Meng Wang and Jing Yang*
Michael and Katherine Warner*
Steven Weaver and Jill Eckardt*
The Weinberg Family
Dave and Keely Wise
Spencer and Lauren Worley*
Alex and Benya Young*
Ellen Best and Gregory Zrazik+

Pacesetter Club
Gifts of $1,250 to $2,499
Anonymous (4)
Jason and Olga Allen
Micah and Cassidy Alpern*
Marisa and Justin Arquilla*
Bill and Shizuka Baarsma
Michelle Baer and Jeff Klein
Shelly and Ron Banks*
Jeff and Heather Becker
Harold Cezar and James Thompson*
Dave and Merri Chandler
Rahul Cherukumalli and Ujvala Velamati
Alexis and Zachary Cogswell*
Taylor Cope and Erin Fowler
Adam and Kathrin Cordell
Kristen and Ryan Dennis
Tom and Mouse Doar
James and Jill Due
Scott and Ilana Elsworth
Scott and Carrie Goodreau
Shawna Hanson
Petra and Alex Jacobs*
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Alyssa Johnson*
Kaeding Valentine Family
Diana and Chris Kantner
John and Sunni Kitson
James and Jane Long
Elizabeth and Paolo Lorenzoni
Alistair Mackworth Gee and Kerstin Schaars
Ms. Heather Mitchell and Mr. Matthew McDowell
In Honor of Lilah McDowell
Christine and Mark Melendes
The Meyer Family*
Nichole Panje*
Stacy and Kevin Peterson*
Doug and Kristie Powell
Adam and Deborah Siegel*
Jill and Clay Spencer*
Blaire and Tedd Strom*
Kimberley and John Terzis
Jeff and Erika VanDam*
Stephen and Amy Waldon*
Andrew and Molly Watkins
Steven and Susan Wilde*
Mike Wiletzky and Shibani Baluja*
The Williams Family*

Cougars Club
Gifts of $500 to $1,249
Anonymous (3)
Alejandro Asali Michelsen and Martha Solares Moya
Mark Bruker and Alicia Lisowski
In Memory of Mark Droegemueller
Bridget Byron and Jonathan Blessing
Eva-Dina Delgado and Erik Varela
Mr. Jeffrey R. Grieb and Dr. Sara M. Bradley
Lisa and Chandler Hall
Scott and Michelle Hanfling
Susan Heglin
Kathy Hoff and Andrew Degenholtz
Mike and Randi Holzman
The Keune Family
Jeanette Lesniak
Tomoko and Kiminori Matsuyama

Sebastien Michenaud and Lucile Agaisse
The Papalias
Justin and Stephanie Pike
JD Pirtle and Kimberly Keith
Brian Puerling and David Recksieck
Kev and Lana Rose
Gregg Rzepczynski and Susan Meade
Daniel and Charla Simon
Troy and Katerina Stephenson
Corrine Stutts and Kim France
Julia and David Vermylen
Lisa Zimmer
Adam Zysk and Carrie Beyer

Green & White Club
Gifts up to $499
Anonymous (4)
Megan and Bill Altmayer
Abigail Andrick
Bill and Carol Baarsma
Karla L. Beard-Leroy
Jim Behrendt and Michael Janik
Erica Broder
In Honor of Lori-Anne Brogdon
Lauren and Justin Brown
Melissa Burcar
Todd and Katie Burrows
Kelli Catotal
Conor Clark
Emily Rose Cohen
Nosson Cohen
Valentina Correa
Alex Daugherty
Barbara Dawn
Alyssa Dudzik
Ma'ayan Eckstein
Jeff Edmonds
Beth and John Ekelof
Adrienne Eynon
Jolene Fairchild
Daniel Fierro
Barbra Fisher
Julie Florida
Kevin Freed and Anne Russell
Laura Friedman
Patrick J. Gall
Crystal M. Garrett
Kathy and Andrew Gilmore
Lauren and Alan Goldberg
The Gomez-Kim Family
Kris Haines
Jan and Toby Hall^
Anne and Bryan Hansen
Beth Herdering
Margaret Hermanek
Jordan and Kate Herron
Rachel Hill
Nicole Hillas
Meridian Jackson
Hilla Uribe Jiminez
Tony and Jacqueline Johnson
Sam Jonas
Sandra and Nicholas Kane
Maura Kiernan
Joyce Kopp
Lara Kossiakoff
Kyle Kruse
Michael Kruse
Jessica Ledesma
Samantha Lewis
Adrijana and Anthony Macey^
Lindsay Madden
Kenny Males
Jannis and Miguel Martinez
Lisa and Christopher McDuffie
Anne McNally
Essence Msimangria
Kevin and Cara Murphy
Elizabeth and Steve Niketopoulos
Julie O'Malley
Gigi Olmstead
Cynthia Olvera
Lindsey Pearson
William Peek
Eddie Pryce
Rachel Pujol and Iram Ibrahim
Sam Richards
In Honor of Lori-Anne Brogdon and Lisa Zimmer
Sophia Roberson
Carlos Rodriguez
Malcolm and Mindy Scott
Carla Shortino
Kyle and Emma Smart
Dana Stewart
LaJuanda Storey
Josh Sutter
Tiffany Tafe
Barbel Thoens-Masghati
Jerry Thompson and Kerry Dolan
Brian and Jen Tomsheck
Allison Towsley
Ryan Trahey
Robert Troher
Heather and John Vardis
Cory Williamson
Jessica and Joel Wintermantle
Natasha Witte
Art and Jennifer Wolf
Gina Workman
In Honor of Lisa Zimmer

Corporations and Foundations
The Acorn Foundation
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Box Tops for Education
Brookfield Investment Management
CME Group
Columbia Threadneedle Investments/Ameriprise Financial
Henry Crown and Company
IBM International Foundation
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
New York Life
Old Town Merchants & Residents Association
Publicis Groupe
UBS Matching Gift Program
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
William Blair & Company


* indicates families that have given at or above the "Gap" level for their child(ren).
^ indicates a Catherine Cook VIP (grandparent, relative or special friend).
^^ indicates a Catherine Cook Alumnus/a.
+ indicates a Catherine Cook Alumni Parent.


We have made every effort to include all donors who have made pledges.
If we have omitted your name in error, please accept our sincerest apologies and contact us so that we can include you in the next posting.