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Reimbursement Form

The Catherine Cook Parent Association encourages all community members to submit expenses and invoices for events and initiatives through the reimbursement process (see below). If you have any questions, please reach out to your Parent Association Liaison or Treasurer for assistance.

Things to note:

  • Expenses < $1,000 may go through either the reimbursement or pay vendor direct processes, which are outlined below
  • Expenses > $1,000 should go through the pay vendor direct process only, which is outlined below
  • Submit reimbursement form with receipts within 30 days of the expense
  • Submit reimbursement form for paying the vendor directly a minimum of 30 days before event/initiative
  • Remember to purchase items and services tax free, as the school will not reimburse you for taxes. Please use Tax Exemption Certificate whenever making purchases for events/initiatives
  • Business Office will mail reimbursement check(s) to your home

Process for Expense Reimbursement

  1. Click here for reimbursement form
  2. Select “Reimbursement” in top right corner
  3. Complete form
  4. Attach receipts including payment method
  5. If tax was paid, ensure to deduct tax from total amount of purchase


Process for Paying Vendor Directly

  1. Click here for reimbursement form
  2. Select “Pay Vendor Directly” in top right corner
  3. Complete form
  4. Attach invoice with vendor contact details. This will allow the Business Office to contact them directly

Please email the Parent Association Treasurer and your Liaison to make them aware of this submission. They will work with you and the Business Office to ensure this is processed appropriately.