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Lunch Program

Catherine Cook School has partnered with HandCut Foods to provide our students and staff healthy hot lunch options.

HandCut cooks from scratch with whole ingredients sourced locally whenever possible, creating custom programs to meet the needs of our school. They craft menus that balance student-friendly options and healthy choices, bringing fresh flavors that have wide appeal to the Catherine Cook community.

Each day, students will find a standard and vegetarian entree option, fresh salad bar, and soup of the day, as well as a selection of sandwiches made with whole grain bread. All lunches include housemade agua fresca, milk, and water service. HandCut Foods is dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest quality product tailored to the needs of our educational community.

Please Note: Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students eat lunch in their classrooms. HandCut will deliver lunch to each student in Preschool and Junior Kindergarten who has been signed up for the Lunch Program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at ext. 2142.

If a child possesses a serious risk of allergic reaction through ingestion of any known allergen, parents and guardians must notify the school nurse at nurse@ccookschool.org.

Also, to prevent possible allergic reactions, food items may not be shared with other students. Please check with your child’s teacher before bringing any food items to share with the class.

Lunch Program FAQ

How much does lunch cost?

Lunch costs $1,162 for the whole year. This includes the entrée of the day, appropriate sides, salad bar, and milk.

How do I sign-up?

Complete the form at catherinecookschool.org/hotlunch.

What if I choose to bring lunch from home?

For those who bring lunch from home, containers should be clearly marked with the student’s name. We do not provide accommodations for items that need to be heated or refrigerated. Milk is available to all students for their meals. Students also may bring non-refrigerated juices. Carbonated drinks are prohibited. The school cannot assume responsibility for food items brought from home.

For how long must I sign up?

The lunch program covers the entire school year.

What if my child misses a day or two?

There are no refunds or carryovers.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please contact the Business Office at (312) 266-3381 ext. 2142.

What is on the menu this month?

Please click here to view the June lunch menu.

When is lunch time?

To determine when your child is scheduled for lunch, check with his/her homeroom teacher or Middle School advisor.

What if my child forgets his/her lunch?

If lunch is forgotten, your child can eat that day's hot lunch option for a fee. The cost is based upon the number of unplanned lunches the child has received so far during that month. The student simply signs that they chose this option for the day, and the family will be sent an invoice. Parents and guardians also can call the school to order the hot lunch option for their child that day.

The cost is $6 for the first forgotten lunch, $12 for the second, $18 for the third, and the cost of the full month on the fourth occasion. This "count" resets for each month.

A parent or guardian also may bring a lunch to the school office by 10:00 a.m., and it will be given to the student.

May we eat lunch with our children?

No. If interested in helping with lunches, contact the Parent Association to volunteer.

What can I bring for my child’s lunch?

We ask that families refrain from bringing fast food to their children for lunch. Carbonated drinks are prohibited. Please refer to the Health and Wellness page for more detailed information, including a restricted food list found here.