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Travel and Virtual Attendance Policy

Catherine Cook’s Virtual Attendance Option (VAO) was designed for long-term educational purposes and not for vacation and personal days taken throughout the school year. We hope this provides clarification and helps with any future planning. Please contact your respective division head with any additional questions.

The following policies are effective through the end of Trimester 2. Students may participate in the VAO:

  •  For an entire trimester at a time
  •  If the student currently participates in On-Campus Learning, but the family needs to quarantine for approved reasons:
    • Travel to states or territories identified on the Chicago Emergency Travel Order  (not a chosen vacation or extended weekend). Scenarios may include but are not limited to a family emergency, medical care, and parental shared custody. Please check with the School Nurse and your division head about your specific situation to determine approval*
    • Close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19
    • Documented recommendation by a medical professional
  • If the student participates in On-Campus Learning, but will be home recovering from an extended illness:
    • For a 24-hour illness, the student should rest at home, consult with a doctor, and not participate in school.
    • For illness that lasts longer than one in-person day, please be in communication with the School Nurse and consult with your division head in advance, who will work with you about whether virtual attendance will be beneficial during the student's recovery. As with usual school policy, an extended absence will require a doctor's note.

Students may opt back in to On-Campus Learning at the beginning of the next trimester. 

* Catherine Cook takes the health and wellness of its community seriously. The school strongly advises following the city of Chicago’s travel suggestions and avoid all unnecessary travel. Failure to quarantine or produce negative test results will result in the student(s) being placed in the VAO for the remainder of Trimester 2. The school will not accommodate last minute requests. Access to the VAO will not be granted for vacations, extending vacations, non-essential trips, or extended weekends.