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Frequently Asked Questions

My family received notification that my child was exposed to a person that tested positive for COVID-19. I have other children attending Catherine Cook. Can my children that weren’t exposed still attend school?

Yes, siblings of students who were exposed to COVID-19 can still attend on campus learning as long as the exposed student is asymptomatic. If the student that was exposed is displaying symptoms all siblings will be excluded until an alternative diagnosis is given or a negative COVID-19 test results has been submitted to the School Nurse or Pandemic Coordinator.

My child is under quarantine following an exposure to a person infected with COVID-19. Can my child return to school with documentation of a negative test result?

No, even with a negative test result the student must continue the remainder of the 14 day quarantine. Although the student has a negative test result they can still develop symptoms up to 14 days after their exposure.

My child had a positive test result on a rapid COVID-19 test. The confirmatory test (PCR) results came back negative. Can my child return to school?

No, a positive test result on either test requires a student to be excluded and under isolation for at least 10 days.

Who is eligible for virtual learning?

Students who opt into the Virtual Attendance Option (VAO) for the trimester, engage in virtual learning hybrid days, or are completing quarantine/isolation due to close contact or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis may participate in virtual learning.  

I traveled out of the state/country, does my child need to quarantine? If my child needs to quarantine for travel, can they switch to the Virtual Attendance Option (VAO) for those days?

  • Catherine Cook is following CDPH and CDC recommendations for International Travel involving High Risk Destinations regardless of what country you are travelling to. This means:​

    • Any student that travels internationally must get tested 3-5 days after arrival to the United States and quarantine for a total of 7 days. ​

    • If the student does not test, they will need to quarantine for 10 days. ​

    • Please note that quarantine days will be considered absences and VAO will not be an option unless the family elects to participate in VAO for the remainder of the trimester. 

  • For domestic travel to an "orange" state (as deemed by the Chicago Emergency Travel Order), Catherine Cook requires a 10-day quarantine period upon return to Chicago or a negative COVID-19 test for each student that traveled (no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival to Chicago). Rapid tests are acceptable for families who have traveled. Negative COVID-19 test results must be emailed to Laurice Skinner prior to returning to On-Campus Learning.

Please note that students will not be permitted to attend On-Campus Learning during their travel quarantine period. Our Travel and Virtual Attendance Policy states that students will not be eligible to engage in the Virtual Attendance Option (VAO) for vacations, extending vacations, non-essential trips, or extended weekends. They will need to take those days as an absence or opt into the VAO for the reminder of the trimester. If this is the case, please contact your respective division head.

I was exposed to COVID-19 outside of school. Should I report it?

Yes, if you were exposed to COVID-19 outside of school hours please email please email our COVID-19 Response Team at Covid@ccookschool.org or Pandemic Coordinator at Lskinner@ccookschool.org.

What type(s) of tests are required? 

Rapid Test are accepted after travel and after school breaks. Only PCR tests are accepted for students and faculty that are symptomatic.