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COVID-19 Health Screening (Magnus App Info)

The Magnus mobile app allows parents to submit the COVID-19 health screening and more right from any Apple or Android mobile device. Please note that you will be required to complete the screening for your child every morning, by 7:30am.

Download & Setup the Magnus App

  1. Log into Magnus (using a desktop browser) as you normally would via the Cook Portal (click the Magnus icon under the resources tab)
  2. Hover over your name within Magnus (top left of screen)
  3. Choose "Change Credentials"
  4. Create a Username & Password (for the App). This new username and password must be unique for cannot be the same as any other Magnus account (if your chosen username has already been taken, please choose a different and more unique one)
  5. Download the "Magnus Health" app (Google Play Store) or "Magnus Mobile V2" app (Apple App Store), and log in using your newly created username & password

Completing the health screening

  1. Log into the Magnus App
  2. Select your child’s name
  3. Select the “Covid-19” button (it is normal to see “COVID-19 Health Screening, requirement is incomplete”)
  4. Select “COVID-19 Health Screening, requirement is incomplete”
  5. Complete the screening and click “save” (you will either see “go” or “Stop”).
  6. *If you see “Go” your child may attend school. If you see “Stop” your child may not attend school (please contact the school nurse).

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

When I click “change credentials” I receive an error message saying “Username exists, please try another one”?
A: If you receive this message, please choose a different and more unique username. The app username cannot be the same as any other username in the Magnus system.

I see red items in the password requirements list and it says, “0 characters”?
A: If you receive this message, please type a different and unique password that meets the listed password requirements and they are all green.

I logged into the app over the weekend but I cannot see the COVID-19 form?
A: The health screening form is only available M-F, you will not be able to see the form over the weekend.

Can I use a mobile device to change my credentials for the App?
A: No. A desktop computer browser must be used.

I answered the questions but when I save, it says the requirement is incomplete?
A: Please try to log out and close the app, then open it and log back in. Please reach out for support if this does not resolve your issue.

I receive a “500 server error”, what should I do?
A: Please contact customer support at Magnus Health or contact the school nurse.

I completed all the forms on Magnus via my computer browser but I cannot find the health screening?
A: You are not using the Magnus App. The health screening can only be found in the Magnus app, not from  the desktop.

When I log in I see approval guidelines for COVID-19 health screening but the screen is grey and there are no questions listed?
A: The health screening is only available in the Magnus app. Please make sure you are not accessing the health screening through a browser. 

I have a child that attends another school that uses magus for health screenings. Can I use the same log in information to access both children?
A: No. Your Catherine Cook login credentials must be unique to Cook. If you are logged into the app for your other child at another school, please log out of the app and log in using your unique Cook credentials.

When I log in a I see an error that says, “You are unable to use this application at this time. Please see magnushealth.com/mobile for more information”?
A: Please make sure you download the correct app. The app is named "Magnus Health" (Google Play Store) or "Magnus Mobile V2" (Apple App Store).

After logging into the app I see the word “Archive” next to my child’s name?
A: Contact Magnus customer support for assistance.


Please contact customer support at Magnus Health by phone (877) 461-6831 or by email at service@magnushealthportal.com or contact the school nurse.