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Saving and Printing the Calendar

Because event details may change, we recommend checking the live online calendar regularly. If you would like to add the live calendar to your preferred calendar app (Outlook, Google, Apple, etc.) and/or print the calendar, please follow the steps below. This method will automatically make updates to the calendar in your app if event details change.

  1. Visit the Catherine Cook calendar page.
  2. At the top right of the calendar, click the gray RSS button to open the Calendar Feeds.
  3. From the Calendar Feeds window, click the ICAL button next to "All public calendars on this page."*
  4. Select the type of calendar you will be using
    • If you are using a default calendar app like Outlook or Apple, the calendar will be automatically added.
    • If you are using an online app like Google or Yahoo, copy the url provided, open your preferred calendar app, create a new calendar from a url or online source, and paste in the url.
  5. To print the calendar, please add it to your calendar app and then print from the app.

*We recommend selecting "All public calendars," which will include all-school events, holidays and breaks, division-specific events, the six-day schedule, etc. Alternatively, you can select individual calendars from the list.