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Welcome to Catherine Cook School’s first ever Virtual Art Fair. Most of the art that is featured in the show was made at home by students, guided by teachers, with the support of their families. Some of the slideshows feature art that was created while still on site in the classrooms and was photographed to be in the show. 

We are thrilled at the enthusiasm and effort of entire families to keep being creative while sheltering in place. You truly can’t stop us #CougarsRoarOn! And you can’t stop ART!

Thank you parents, students, teachers and Administration for your kind words of encouragement that have kept us inspired and motivated to take risks and stay positive during this time. We feel grateful to be a part of this incredible community.


– Ms. Dawn and Ms. Kane

Wayne Thiebaud Cakes | SK - 3rd Grade

Nature Art - "At Home" | SK - 3rd Grade

Jen Stark "At Home" | 3rd Grade

Drawings | 4th - 8th Grade

"In School" Ceramic Art | Middle School

"In School" Canvas Paintings | 2nd Grade

"At School" Independent Projects | 3rd Grade

"At Home" "Blue" Dogs | SK - 1st Grade

"In School" Highlights | SK - 1st Grade