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A ROAR of Thanks!

Thank you and ROAR! to all those who help make Catherine Cook such an amazing place!

Friday, September 6

  • Pam Kallos, PA Vice Chair, for organizing the First Day of School Coffee.
  • Carrie Cochran Cohen, Karen Focht, Karen Dahlquist, Michelle Hsu, Matthew Hurst, Ellen Kellogg, Kim Kort, Kristin Leos, Kimberly Lorimer, Michelle Meyer, Mia Sossei, Jill Spencer, Alessandra Swanson, Lauren Worley, and Mandy Zaransky-Hurst for helping make this week’s staff snack day a success.
  • Melissa Burcar, Jill Due, Jolene Fairchild, Anne Hansen, and Jessica Ledesma for submitting photos.

Friday, September 13

  • Melissa Burcar, Barbara Dawn, Stephanie Free, Dana Stewart, and Heather Vardis for submitting photos!