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The day before the Gala, the Advancement Team works with a small army of volunteers to bring the supplies, decorations, and other Gala paraphernalia to the event site.​​​​​​​
The morning of the Gala, volunteers help the Advancement Team and Gala Co-Chairs set up the Silent Auction, decorations, and other essential pieces to the Gala puzzle.​​​​
This team works in shifts to sell raffle tickets at community events leading up to Gala and on the night of the event.​​​
The Runners help fetch prizes during checkout at the end of the night.
After the Gala ends, the Cleanup Team helps the Advancement Team clean up the venue.
The Monday following the Gala, volunteers work with the Advancement Team to remove all the items left from the night of the Gala.​

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