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Online Learning Resources

Most of our students in rising grades (JK-8) are engaged and familiar with the use of various Catherine Cook approved, age-appropriate, online learning platforms that provide students with the opportunity to reinforce and practice skills relevant to our school’s curriculum. The following learning platforms are available for use:

  • iXL: The iXL platform helps students build confidence and fluency in math and other basic skills. Students work at their own pace through a series of interactive questions that help them to master essential skills and concepts. Rising 3rd-8th gGrade students can use iXL for review and reinforcement of math skills; additional resources are available for enrichment in other subject areas.
  • DreamBox: Dreambox is a math adaptive learning platform. Students can develop and practice math skills. Teachers are able to monitor progress and it adapts to the learner. Upcoming SK-2nd Grade students will have access to it in the coming weeks.
  • Raz-Kids: Raz-Kids offers a variety of books in many levels. Students are able to listen to books read to them, read for practice or enjoyment, and take optional e-Quizzes. Teachers are able to monitor progress.

For an additional list of apps and online programs recommended by our Education Technology Team, please click here.