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Maintaining a strong connection with Catherine Cook Alumni is very important to the continued growth and success of our school. We strive to consistently reinforce to our community of Alumni that they will forever be valued members of the Catherine Cook family. We are dedicated to collecting and sharing highlights and accomplishments such as scholarships, college acceptances, academic and athletic achievements, and much more.

Catherine Cook Alumni stay connected and involved by visiting, acting as mentors and tutors, participating in knowledge transfer events such as the Alumni High School Chat Night, and reuniting throughout the year at school-hosted Alumni events. Alumni relations continue to flourish at Catherine Cook, ensuring generations both old and new remain part of the community.


Catherine Cook Alumni Association

The Catherine Cook School Alumni Association was formed to keep graduates and their parents informed about and involved with the Catherine Cook community. To further engage both groups, the school hosts annual alumni events, such as the Alumni High School Chat (in which 8th Graders and their families talk with current high school sophomores in a moderated panel discussion) and the Graduation Pinning Ceremony (in which alumni formally welcome graduating 8th Graders into the Alumni Association). Interested in learning more? Contact Lindsay Bartlett, Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Events, at lbartlett@ccookschool.org

Our Alumni Newsletter

Our newsletter is sent via email every month to keep you informed and connected to the Catherine Cook Community. Please update your information with the school in order to be on the mailing list for the next newsletter.