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Ravenna: An Introduction

For its Admission process, Catherine Cook uses Ravenna, a third-party web-based application service. Catherine Cook is one of several Chicago schools using this tool for the submission of all application materials.

Through Ravenna, you will be able to:

  • Register online for a Parent Tour
  • Register online for our Open House
  • Submit an Application
  • Email teacher recommendation forms (LMAIS Common Recommendation Forms) directly to your child's teacher/principal
  • Check the status of your application

To initiate the application process, or to register for a Parent Tour or Open House, you must create an account on Ravenna. Make sure to create your account using an email address you will have access to throughout the admission season, as this will be your primary email contact with our school. Once you have created an account, you will be asked to register your child.

Please note: Your Ravenna login and password are your gateway to the entire application process. You will use this login and password throughout the entire admission process, so please keep this information handy. If you lose your login information, you will need to go to ravenna-hub.com and click on "Forgot Password," as Catherine Cook has no access to your Ravenna login information.

Submitting the Online Inquiry Form will allow us to send you more information about Catherine Cook, as well as give you the option to register for any upcoming events (Parent Tours and Open House) that will occur this admission season.

Parent Tour and Open House
To reserve a space for a Parent Tour or to attend the Open House, please log into Ravenna and create a student profile. To make the reservation, select Catherine Cook School in the Directory and "Explore" to view the steps and events.

To apply, go to Ravenna, and under “General,” go to “School Directory” and select Catherine Cook School. There will be a green button labeled “APPLY.” Complete all the required fields and questions, then click the “Go to Pay & Submit” button to the above right. You will then be prompted to pay the application fee.

If you have completed the application form and the button does not turn green, please re-open the form and click on "Highlight Missing Questions" at the top center of the form. Scroll through the form to see if any questions are highlighted. If not, please email Ravenna Solutions directly at ravenna-help@communitybrands.com.

Common Recommendation Forms
Once you have applied, under "Steps," there is a link for Teacher Evaluation. You will need to enter the names and email addresses of the Teacher or Principal you would like to have complete this form. To add a person, click the "+ Add Person" button and enter the person's name and email address. The recipient will be emailed a unique and secure link to complete the form online.

If you experience any technical difficulties while in Ravenna-Hub, please contact Ravenna Solutions directly via email at ravenna-help@communitybrands.com.