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Service Learning

Meaningful service learning starts within our own school community, with Middle School students helping younger students as Book Buddies, recess assistants, and lunchroom helpers. From there, the circle expands outward, linking students and their larger communities - neighborhood, city, state, country, world - through authentic experiences that connect.

Service: giving assistance to others
Learning: acquiring true knowledge and skills


Service learning is an advisory-based activity, and themes have included hunger and homelessness, caring for animals and the environment, and elders and aging. Service learning projects are designed to be both experiential and reflective, providing important opportunities for students to examine the nature of community, the importance of ethical thinking, and the impact of personal leadership. In designing service learning opportunities, we draw on the work of the Institute for Global Ethics and the National Youth Leadership Council as we seek to engage the emerging moral sensibilities of early adolescents. We also draw on our Catherine Cook families and school community for service learning opportunities and welcome ideas for potential collaboration.