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The Catherine Cook School Library serves the community’s students, faculty, and families to develop empowered users/producers of information, support curriculum, and promote literacy as both an academic and recreational endeavor.

Cook Library Family Checkout Hours:

During the school day, Lower School and Middle School students borrow books during their Library Enrichment and recess periods while Early Childhood students select books during Library Enrichment for classroom use. During Family Library Checkout, any student accompanied by an adult may borrow up to three books at a time to take home. All books are due back two weeks from the date of checkout.

  • What: Family Library Checkout
  • Who: EC, LS, and MS students (when accompanied by an adult)
  • Where: Cook Library
  • When: Monday-Friday, 2:50pm-3:30 p.m.

Cook Library Borrowing Plans:

  • Early Childhood Students - EC students will visit the Cook Library for Library Enrichment once per 6-day cycle. EC students will begin borrowing books for their classrooms during the fall.
  • Lower School Students - LS students will visit the Cook Library for Library Enrichment/Checkout once per 6-day cycle. LS students may bring their borrowed books home.
  • Middle School Students - MS students will regularly visit the Cook Library for Library Checkout as determined by their Humanities teacher. Additionally, all MS students may independently visit the Cook Library during their afternoon recess to borrow books.

Additional Reading Resources:

  • Cook Library Online Catalog
  • Sora Student Reading App:
    • On Sora, you'll find a small collection of Cook Library ebooks - plus you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the Chicago Public Library and several other area libraries (with a library card).
    • Sora Student Reading App
      • Grades PS-8 - sign in using:
        • Cook Google account info

Questions? Please contact library@ccookschool.org. See you in the Library!

Meet our Librarians

Megan Altmayer

Megan Altmayer

Titles: Lower School/Middle School Librarian
Patrick Gall

Patrick Gall

Titles: Early Childhood/Lower School Librarian