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Innovation and Design Thinking


Anchored in authentic identity development, our program encourages children to see themselves as artists, engineers, musicians, scientists, researchers, mathematicians, programmers, architects, authors, and designers. 


Our overall approach is to utilize, in the classroom and more broadly, thoughtful and reflective practices in collaboration to craft relevant and inspiring experiences for students. Our integration provides experiences that meet children where they are and provides dynamic pathways to new discoveries. We approach technologies, both emerging and traditional, with consideration of child development, backgrounds of children and families, our curriculum, design thinking, as well as current research regarding best practices in the implementation of wide-ranging educational resources. Our program provides meaningful and authentic connections and intersections between our core curriculum and our evolving innovative world.

We value the whole child and their family, therefore we are sensitive to the potential pitfalls that our digital world presents and thus educate both children and families to encourage thoughtful and ethical decision making, both at home and at school when navigating digital landscapes.

If you have any questions, please contact Sara Ahmed, Director of Curriculum Integration and Innovation