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Succession Planning

The Head of School Search Committee was delighted to announce that the Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Dr. Lori-Anne Brogdon as Catherine Cook's next Head of School on November 30, 2018. Dr. Brogdon is thrilled to be joining our community, and "was struck by the warmth generated by the students and adults that filled the hallways and classrooms, and is honored to be selected as Catherine Cook's next Head of School." Please click here to learn more about Dr. Brogdon.

Succession Committee

Ellen Best, Trustee
Tom Doar III, Trustee and Interim Head of School
Nate Eklund, Search Consultant
Penny Fine, Trustee
Dave Laurenson, Trustee

Roger Liew, Trustee
Linda K. Myers, Trustee
Stacy Shafer Peterson, Director of Advancement
Jeff Zappone, Trustee