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Educational Philosophy

At the Catherine Cook School, we believe that education is an evolving, dynamic, and lifelong process. In our rapidly changing society, it is not sufficient to merely pass on the received wisdom of the ages. We select carefully from older literacies, preserving what is best from the approaches of the past, while simultaneously reimagining education with the tools and capacities of the modern age. We cultivate proficiency in not only the traditional "Three Rs" but also in the Five Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Character. We take seriously our responsibility to educate children for the unknown.

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Character

As educators, we teach children, not subjects. We guide inquiry, encourage innovative thinking, acknowledge perseverance, celebrate success, turn frustration into learning opportunities, awaken social responsibility, model fairness and justice—all while building and valuing relationships. We build the capacity for students to construct their education for themselves.

In addition, the faculty and staff model these values for the children by cultivating learning, honesty, compassion, and integrity among our educational community. We create a trusting and safe atmosphere for students to explore, question, practice, make mistakes, create, and imagine. By embracing a set of ethical values, we commit to communicating honestly and compassionately, and to actively question our assumptions about others. Lastly, we rely on partnerships with parents and guardians to enrich our understanding of their children, to share their unique knowledge and experiences, and to help us maintain a healthy and ever-growing learning community.