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Returning June 2019!

IDEA:TE (Innovation, Design, Engineering, and Art: Transforming Education) is a conference that invites preschool through 12th grade educators to learn to integrate traditional and emerging technologies into their curriculum. In our state-of-the-art facility, attendees will learn in workshops with some of the leading experts in fields such as robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting, and wearable technology.

Through hands on experiences, attendees will work closely with artists, creators, programmers, and teachers to discover new opportunities in the expanding landscape of tools and resources for the classroom. Check out our 2017 workshops below!

Virtual RealityLaser Cutting
AV Production3D Printing
Textile ArtsScratch

IDEA:TE will highlight a variety of leading experts with years of experience integrating emerging and traditional technology into curriculum ranging from early childhood to higher education. Look for the return of familiar faces from past IDEA:TE conferences and a host of new presenters, all bringing new ideas and approaches to emerging technology in the classroom.

What participants are saying about IDEA:TE:

"IDEA:TE is definitely a conference that I would encourage anyone to come to... This is the way of the future. We're preparing 21st Century learners, and kids learn different today than they did in the past. 3D printing, laser cutting, computers, and sewing -- all these things are the things kids need to be successful in the future."

"I so appreciate this first IDEA:TE conference! You all did a terrific job making us feel welcomed - support staff as well as presenters. Well-organized, open source/friendly vibe, and packed full of usable content...IDEA:TE rocked it the first time out of the gate! Thank you!"
Patricia, The College School (Webster Groves, MO)

"It is the best conference I have ever attended...and I have been doing summer educational experiences since 1970!!"
Mary Carol, GESU Catholic School (Cleveland, OH).