Lower School Students of Color

Catherine Cook School is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive environment for all students. One way in which we accomplish this is by offering a wide variety of affinity and alliance groups that allow students to connect, talk, and share experiences. Affinity groups speak from an "I" perspective about specific identity characteristics, while members of alliance groups may speak from the "I" perspective or are supporters of people in the identity group.

The Lower School Students of Color Affinity Group hosts its meetings once a month in the Library during lunch. These meetings are optional and students self-select if and when they wish to attend.

This affinity group creates a safe space for Lower School students of color to build confidence and positive racial identity development. We define students of color as students that are not solely of white or European background, who may identify as African American (Black), Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Multiracial, and includes students of color from countries outside of the United States.

Facilitators create a positive and constructive environment for students to explore issues of shared identity and experiences through read-aloud stories, art projects, games, and more. This is a social time where students are encouraged to mingle across grade levels and foster new friendships.

We invite your child(ren) to join this group if they personally identify with it (have an affinity). If you have any questions, please contact the faculty leaders. Faculty leaders are Kathy Gilmore (kgilmore@ccookschool.org) and Meridian Jackson (mjackson@ccookschool.org).