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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
Catherine Cook School is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse and compassionate community grounded in a culture of integrity. 

Catherine Cook School faculty, staff, and Middle School students have chosen cultural competence as one of the core values that characterizes the values of Catherine Cook School. 

In the context of this initiative, we define diversity as the range of identities people hold, including but not limited to: racial; socio-economic; ethnic or heritage; language; national origin; physical, cognitive, and emotional ability; age; gender expressions and identity; sexual identity; and religion. 

Cultural competence sustains and promotes the health of an organization. Catherine Cook School will enhance the diversity of the school by intentionally cultivating an empathic and open climate to foster equitable relationships of integrity between the children and adults in our school community. The organizational benefits of a diverse community include increased adaptability, critical thinking, and more effective and innovative problem solving. 

An inclusive school reflects and enriches the community in which it is situated. We are committed to supporting our community members, and we will continue to enhance the ability for all to belong through a variety of initiatives, including but not limited to: centering equity in all hiring decisions; offering financial assistance and raising the community’s awareness about the importance of an economically diverse community; and educating our community about and providing resources for engaging with a diverse population which centers equity and inclusion, especially for BIPOC populations most impacted by inequitable social systems.