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Board of Trustees

The Catherine Cook School is a not-for-profit corporation licensed by the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago. It is governed by a Board of Trustees selected through an internal nominations process. The Board is given the "trust" to establish the essential nature of the school, to raise necessary funds, and to hire the Head of School. Trustees are invited to serve for three-year terms. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the school and concerns itself with accounting for the use of tuition and other funds. It does so by devising and controlling budgets, serving as the school's legally accountable body, appointing a Head of School, and setting general school policy. Board members receive no compensation or preferment for their service and are called upon to make extensive time commitments.

Board members do not involve themselves in the normal daily operation of the school except through the operation of duly appointed committees. The Board does not hear complaints, sit as a court of appeals, or overturn the Head's decisions. However, the Board determines the essential nature of the school, its academic emphasis, its style of relations with the public, and its methods of self-evaluation. In close cooperation with the Head of School, the Board determines the kind of education to be provided. The Board delegates to the Head of School authority to hire and fire all employees based on his assessment of individual suitability for the school.

It is a goal that the Board be constituted not only of parents, but also of parents of alumni, alumni, and civic and community leaders who desire to support and perpetuate the school's mission. The Catherine Cook School seeks for its Board individuals who have an objective commitment to the school, who by their own support and leadership contribute to the school's growth and financial well-being, who seek to work voluntarily on a variety of committees, and who, through their leadership in the community, bring recognition and honor to the school.

As part of our commitment to our mission, the Board of Trustees adopted a new Strategic Plan for the school in 2013. The plan is our roadmap to further excellence in education over the next five years and identifies key priorities and initiatives for the growth and health of The Catherine Cook School.

Executive Committee
  • Linda K. Myers, Chair
  • David Laurenson, Vice Chair
  • Penny Fine, Treasurer
  • Ellen Best, Secretary
  • Jeffrey Zappone, At Large

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